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Coat of arms of Ludwig von Mises' great-grandf...Mises Institute of Canada founder, Redmond Weissenberger, was my guest on the October 13, 2013 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb.

Redmond is also co-founder and organizer of the annual Liberty Now and Toronto Austrian Scholars conferences, which are now in their second year.

Hour 1: Article on Coast to Coast AM banned these guests, Slate’s bogus AIDS scam hit piece, and Austrian perspectives on the gold standard.

Hour 2: Interview with Redmond Weissenberger of the Mises Institute of Canada, and co-founder of the upcoming Liberty Now and Toronto Austrian Scholars conferences. See here for the archive of the interview with Redmond.

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Tommy MorrisonMy email subsequent to this October 9, 2013 Slate article, Tommy Morrison AIDS Death: HIV denialism victims in South Africa and the U.S., by Dr. Kent Sepkowitz:

Dr. Sepkowitz,

You claimed in your article about Tommy Morrison, referring to Dr. Peter Duesberg:

“The simplest to refute is his claim that HIV had not been transmitted to health care workers who had sustained an accidental needle stick”

He never said that. He said no peer-reviewed paper has ever been published showing a health care worker getting AIDS — not HIV — from a patient.

That’s a big mistake, to conflate HIV with AIDS, in misrepresenting his claim, as you did.

For more on what Dr. Peter Duesberg has really said about AIDS, see this interview I conducted with him.

Also, the official death certificate of Tommy Morrison shows that he didn’t die of an AIDS-defining disease, and Dr. Sepkowitz is either an incompetent doctor and researcher, or he’s a libelous writer.

For more on the AIDS scam, see my articles here.

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