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English: David Brown caterpillar tractor

On the January 8, 2012 episode of The Progressive News Hour with Stephen Lendman, Robert Abele mentioned Caterpillar employees in London, Ontario being locked out for refusing to take a wage cut from $35 an hour to $16 an hour, and how the union was allegedly selling out the workers.

About 90 minutes away, where I sit now, there was a company (Kitchener Frame) with workers who were members of the Canadian Auto Workers union, and the company offered them a wage cut like the one Caterpillar is offering their workers, and union rules prevented the workers from accepting *any* wage cut, even though the workers had a majority vote to accept the lower pay and keep their jobs. It was too late to decertify their union, and every one of them lost their job.

Therefore, I don’t see Robert’s point of the union selling out the workers in the case of Caterpillar, by proposing only a 30% wage cut instead of around 50%, since it’s still subject to a majority vote by the workers, and between the rotten trade deals, a higher Canadian dollar compared to 10 years ago, and intense competition from China and India, I think they are very likely to all be laid off if they don’t accept what the company is demanding.

I think there are larger issues at play in these cases that need to be tackled at a societal and political level.

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