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Rattrap and mousetrap

The Money Power has sprung many traps for the unwitting, and the majority of the alternative media has stepped right into most of them.

Some of their main traps are:

Another Money Power trap is saying that private money creation is the problem. Private “money” creation isn’t the problem when individuals and non-corporate associations of individuals issue interest-free currency into circulation, such as Ithaca Hours and Mountain Hours. This is a right recognized by the Ninth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Like their other traps, the issue they always want to confuse is debt-money with ultimately unpayable interest charges, with sovereign, interest-free money.

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Michael Badnarik.

From The New American’s January 21, 2011 article, Will Congress Create “State” Bankruptcy Law, I challenge this claim:

Sovereign immunity — the immunity of a sovereign government from being sued against its will — is part of our system of government.

Where’s that in the Constitution?

If the purpose of government is to protect inalienable rights, then how can government be immune from being sued for violating rights?

Constitutional scholar, 2004 Libertarian Party presidential candidate and former radio host Michael Badnarik has called for rescinding sovereign immunity for government polluters, and I have heard him challenge the notion generally on his radio show in the past.

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