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Peter DuesbergJoe Rogan, comedian, martial artist and host of the Joe Rogan Experience, interviewed the most prominent critic of the AIDS scam, Dr. Peter Duesberg, on his November 7, 2012 podcast.

Rogan revealed that he had first read about the AIDS scam back in the early 90s in Spin Magazine, which is the publication that investigative journalist, Celia Farber, courageously wrote for.

It goes to show how well the mass media was co-opted to keep the true nature of the AIDS scam away from the vast majority of Americans for so long, and how with the rise of the new media, courageous hosts like Joe Rogan have the platform, and make use of it, to present an alternative view to the one we’ve been given for over 25 years.

Less than two weeks after its airing, the interview has had over 26,000 views, according to the video’s stats.

For the most comprehensive set of interviews on the AIDS scam from 2008 to 2010, including several interviews with Dr. Peter Duesberg, listen to George Whitehurst-Berry’s interviews here.

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