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New York Stock Exchange

Some claim that your birth certificate is a security instrument traded on a stock exchange.

In the case of an Ontario birth certificate, some point to the mention of “CANADIAN BANK NOTE” on it.

At first glance, that would seem to be clear evidence of it being a bank note.

However, a simple search comes up with the website for the company, “Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited.”

From their Identification Systems / Documents page:

Canadian Bank Note’s identification documents portfolio includes Civil Registry certificates such as birth, marriage, and death certificates.

Therefore, the mention of “CANADIAN BANK NOTE” isn’t a reference to the birth certificate being a Canadian bank note, but to the company of the same name that prints it.

If Ontario’s birth certificates are being traded on a stock exchange such as the NYSE, as some allege, then we should expect to find mention of them in the filings for the province of Ontario in the United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s Company Search database.

From the filings for the province of Ontario (CIN: 0000074615), we should expect to find mention of that in the annual reports or prospectuses. A further search turned up no such evidence.

But even before going this far in the investigation, the fact that some are claiming that a note is being traded on a stock exchange shows that they don’t know the difference between a stock and a note, and therefore, their entire claim is dubious from the very beginning. Stock exchanges trade shares in the stock of a company, not notes, which are debt instruments.

For the claim that Canada is a corporation, see my article, SEC Company Search shows Canada, but not as a corporation.

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The daily list of halted trading in securities on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Here’s an example of┬átrading in one stock halted by request of the company, pending news.

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