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English: Osama bin Laden interviewed for Daily...

On March 8, 2012, Canada’s largest newspaper, the Toronto Star, published Osama bin Laden’s final days: Revealing new account tells of squabbles in Pakistan hideout.

Here are two of the eight comments posted by readers:

that’s what I thought.. As soon as the article comes out on Statfor debating the details of his death (the largest private Intelligence firm in USA), this comes out.. It’s clearly a distraction.

This is all propoganda B.S. He was dead long before this. The lies are starting to uncover themselves..ie burial at sea. Articles like this are intended to distract us.

Previously, I wrote The Osama bin Laden killing: where was the kidney dialysis equipment or the DNA results of his kidneys?

For more on 9/11, see my article, Rudi Dekkers drops some bombshell 9/11 revelations on the tenth anniversary of the attacks.

As for my question on April 29, 2011 — Will Ron Paul throw 9/11 Truth under the bus again, like he did in 2008? — I haven’t heard of him throwing it under the bus in this campaign season, but he hasn’t embraced it, either. The fact that he hasn’t won a single Republican primary shows that embracing it wouldn’t have cost him a primary that he would’ve otherwise won, and that was a point I was making in writing that article.

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