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WordPress.com prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 100,000 times in 2015. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 4 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Fakeologist Radio

Here is a summary I prepared of Fakeologist Radio Episode 87a with Simon Shack of September Clues.

8m – Reporter standing so close to WTC — says take 1, take 2 — when pans up to top floors, it’s edited in
12m – Reusing actors
14m – “King Kong man”
15m – Simon said it’s slam dunk that videos are fake
20m – Independence Day movie from 1996 shows top-down destruction of the Empire State building
24m – Purported amateur footage has camera pointed toward onlookers, seem to be overacting
28m – Says he can prove that the towers have been inserted into sceneries
32m – From frame-to-frame, size of towers change dramatically
34m – First they released low-quality videos to conceal problems
35m – Now with high-quality 2010 FOIA videos, can see them — why released 9 years later if they existed back then?
40m – ABC behind NIST FOIA request
41m – “Witness” tries to have her jaw drop, then looks into the camera, making a mistake
52m – Said audio engineer of these videos should’ve been fired
1h4m – They had to have total control of the situation — all videos were faked
1h9m – Chinese Moon landings
1h13m – Said we have caught them in the nick of time, faking 9/11, before they can create simulated actors to fool us all

For the previoust show summary, see here.

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Fakeologist RadioHere is the summary I prepared of Fakeologist Radio Episode 85 with Simon Shack and Onebornfree, consisting mostly of the last two hours.

Some interesting things were mentioned in the first hour, so be sure to check out the archive.

For my summary of the last episode with Simon Shack, see here.

54m – Eric Darton’s 1999 book, Divided We Stand, about the WTC buildings being evacuated after the 1993 bombing
55m – He wrote that 30,000 people were displaced
1h – OBF said Darton looks like Steve Rosenbaum
1h2m – Simon half-jokingly said that Ab should interview Rosenbaum
1h11m – High quality images of 9/11 came out in one block, by NIST, only in 2010, through CBS FOIA request
1h12m – Most of them were highly rendered Rosenbaum videos
1h13m – Asked are we supposed to believe that NIST just left those high quality videos in the drawer until 2010?
1h14m – OBF questioned low resolution “live” footage when they had expensive lenses back then, and they were even worse than some “amateur” footage
1h35m – Willie Rodriguez’s role was to justify smoke from ground level of towers before they collapsed
1h37m – No numbered plates on toasted cars
1h38m – Said they took cars from a junkyard and photoshopped it to make it look like they’re in Manhattan, and it served Judy Wood’s purposes
1h41m – What about USGS dust data? It could’ve been faked, and OBF posted a link about faked data from them in other cases
1h43m – Said acoustical recordings are fake because audio and video tracks don’t match up, because they are separate, and someone forgot to switch audio track when video changed
1h46m – OBF said Hezerkhani hit sounds like a standard Windows sound file of a cabinet slamming
1h46m – Laughing at how they have the sound of an ambulance in one scene, and then it changes to a completely different scene and you still have the same ambulance sound!
1h48m – OBF has been threatening to tell his Clare Kuehn story sometime – Ab said she has a great way of obfuscating
1h48m – Simon said she felt she was a little bit off, and she gave him $3, saying that was all she had
1h49m – Simon said she’s an amazing wordsmith
1h53m – Simon said they’re aiming at the lowest common denominator, not aiming at serious researchers
2h8m – Said Richard Hall’s hologram work was aimed at the lowest common denominator, and the purpose was to claim that the footage was real
2h9m – Simon said there was money behind Ace Baker’s production
2h10m – Don Fox said Simon and OBF are shilling for Israel by denying nukes used on 9/11
2h12m – Simon said it’s obvious lot of Jews or Israelis were involved
2h14m – He asked, don’t the Jews own the media?
2h15m – OBF said he doesn’t care
2h16m – Simon said we don’t have the capacity to understand how the power structure is organized
2h25m – Ab said he never would’ve considered nuclear weapons a scam without what he discovered about 9/11
2h38m – Simon said they’ve been scaring you to go move freely on the internet
2h40m – Don Fox’s flat earth misdirection against Simon
2h43m – Tycho Brahe suspected of killing Kepler
2h46m – Satellites
2h48m – Said engineering wise, the space shuttle is absolutely crazy
2h50m – Simon talks about his father, who passed away in 1990

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Investigate 9/11On the September 8, 2013 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb on Truth Frequency Radio, I provided a summary of my 9/11 research.

Hours 1 and 2: Summary of 12 years of 9/11 research, burden of proof, logic, little-known facts about 9/11, and 9/11 disinfo agents.

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Simon ShackHere’s a summary of important points I came up with while listening to Simon Shack’s March 17, 2013 interview on Radio.Abirato.

In the first half hour, he implicated several suspicious individuals involved in 9/11 or its coverup, including Steven Rosenbaum, Kenneth Feinberg, Larry Silverstein and Judge Hellerstein, and said he thinks conventional explosives were used to bring down the WTC towers.

29m – said the images showing a collapse were faked
37m – he implicated Judy Wood as a gatekeeper
38m – called hologram theory ridiculous
1h4m – Highway of Heroes propaganda on Hwy 401 to Toronto
1h13m – talked about obituaries of 5 british soldiers who allegedly all died within a month, and the constant mention of their senses of humour, supposedly spoken of by different family members
1h17m – British soldiers with names that are like anagrams, and two soldiers named monk house who were killed within in a week
1h25m – suspicious testimony of only Swedish victim on 9/11 allegedly written by his mom, about weirdness of his used socks
1h32m – having to jump the psychological hurdle of questioning whether certain alleged victims had died
2h21m – said he abandoned the missile theory
2h25m – said the Loose Change crew is controlled opposition, said it was made on purpose to lead somewhere, but not to the truth
2h32m – said it’s an international crime group
2h34m – said there’s obviously quite a number of Jews involved
2h58m – Brian Staveley implicated by the host as a possible shill
3h2m – can spot shills by them always staying on certain issues, despite logical reasoning attempts by others
3h8m – wondered if high rates of suicides among soldiers were because of them having to lie about the conflicts over there
3h20m – said he didn’t think Adam Lanza really existed
3h26m – fox 9/11 video archives cuts out after 15 minutes
3h36m – said the beautiful images in Judy Wood’s book are fake, said the rubble pics are also fake
3h42m – concerned about whether he could damage his credibility by investigating the moon landings

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