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On the April 11, 2015 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism, I discussed the following issues:

Boston Marathon trial farce, the late Singaporean PM Lee Kuan Yew‘s lessons for the West, Canada’s monetary reform case gets mass media attention, California ballot initiative to discredit direct democracy, Indiana’s religious freedom bill a case of property rights, Toronto’s former mayor finally forced to apologize, but not for using crack cocaine and Canada at risk of another terror attack after waging illegal war in Syria.

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An excerpt from an email to my Member of Parliament on October 10, 2014, on what every Canadian Member of Parliament should be aware of in lieu of Parliament’s vote to support air strikes against ISIS. Consider passing on this information to your Member of Parliament, and as things escalate according to plan, some may begin to raise questions behind closed doors and consider whether these military interventions are truly in the Canadian national interest.

I wanted to draw your attention to the remarks of former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Gen. Wesley Clark, that indicate these latest events may all be part of a bigger plan being played out by others who have no Canadian national interest, as he appeared on the program Democracy Now! in 2007 (transcript here) and described his meeting with a General at the Pentagon in 2001 after the start of bombing in Afghanistan, and he was told “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”

The timeline hasn’t held up, but since then, Iraq was invaded in 2003, Sudan was broken up in 2005 with South Sudan proclaiming independence in 2011, Lebanon’s former Prime Minister was assassinated in 2005, the U.S. has been continuing air strikes against Somalia to this day, Libya was taken over in 2011, the U.S. has since officially been providing military support to rebels against Assad in Syria, and Israel has repeatedly been saying that it will not hesitate to respond militarily to Iran’s ongoing nuclear program regardless of the international process through the IAEA.

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Syrian GirlSubsequent to her sudden popularity in the alternative media in 2012, the very legitimate question was raised by some as to whether Syrian Girl was legit.

This can be confirmed with overwhelming certainty at the start of 2014 with these interesting details.

Her latest appearance on Alex “I support the Jewish state of Israel… that is their land” Jones was on August 24, 2013.

Subsequent to that, she has appeared three times on the Dr. David Duke program, starting on August 30, 2013 (08/30/13, 09/02/13 and 01/27/14).

A Zionist plant would never go on Dr. David Duke’s show multiple times and actually have an intelligent conversation.

Alex Jones and his handlers must obviously be aware of her repeated appearances on Duke’s show, and if he never has her on again despite a further escalation of the Syria conflict — including war — it will serve as further evidence of the gatekeeper that he is.

For the latest on Alex Jones’ gatekeeping, see my article, Former Mayor, VP Candidate and 9/11 film producer on his film being blocked by a top alternative media outlet.

Setting a standard for true journalism, George Whitehurst-Berry interviewed her on March 23, 2012 and asked her questions other hosts dared not ask her shortly before his show on the same network as Alex Jones was cancelled under suspicious circumstances.

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Flag of Israel. Shows a Magen David (“Sh...

This article, Syrian women who fled to Jordan tell of horrific rapes back home, in Canada’s most-circulated newspaper, The Toronto Star, is further confirmation of a deliberate plan of Zionist propaganda against the Assad regime in Syria, following their conquest of Libya, due in part to its public central bank that was not controlled by the Zionist Bank for International Settlements.

The Star article is duplicitous, because it doesn’t acknowledge that the uprising was covertly organized and funded by the very same Zionist entities who are now posturing to portray themselves as saviours, and because it doesn’t document the similar war crimes by the Zionist-inspired rebel groups, as even Zionist-controlled CNN disclosed in its March 12, 2013 article, U.N.: Both Syrian rebels and government guilty.

On June 30, 2012, I wrote the article, Western mass media, I utterly reject your warmongering propaganda against Syria’s Assad, concerning what I saw as a deliberate propaganda campaign to demonize Assad in order for well-meaning Westerners to accept further Zionist aggression against Zionism’s few powerful opponents.

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On the March 17, 2013 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism, I covered the following issues, among others:

My take on Oracle going off the air, fake monetary quotes, nature of money, gold and silver vs. paper, Congress’ power to coin money, Rand Paul’s filibuster distraction from not enough senators, Austrian economics controlled opposition & Syrian uprising.

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An old microphone

I covered the following articles on my second episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism on Oracle Broadcasting on July 1, 2012:

1) Jason Erb discusses alternative economics on Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani

2) A $1875 Medicare ultrasound bill versus my $100 OHIP bill

3) Western mass media, I utterly reject your warmongering propaganda against Syria’s Assad

4) The “We are the 99 percent” false frame

5) June 26, 2012: A day of important articles on LewRockwell.com

And I took a caller in the second half of the last hour.

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English: Bashar al-Assad official portrait by ...

An example of warmongering propaganda against Assad.

While enjoying my Tim Horton’s coffee this morning, I was appalled to see a cartoon in the newspaper depicting Syria’s Assad standing on dead corpses.

I’m sick of the Western mass media warmongering propaganda against Syria’s Assad, and I utterly reject any association with those in Canada who will support, actively or passively, any subsequent military action against Syria.

I’m no friend of Assad; I once heard a Coast to Coast AM guest say how safe it was in Syria, because of the degree of totalitarian police state control exercised by the Assad regime, and the Heritage Foundation ranked Syria as only having the 139th most free economy out of 179 countries in 2012.

However, the Libyan bombing was a wakeup call for me in seeing how the Western mass media conspired with those seeking a clash of civilizations with the Muslim world to propagandize residents of the West into passively accepting their false flag in the name of protecting civilians, while unwittingly supporting the designs of a Greater Israel.

The courageous Jewish, anti-Zionist patriot Stephen Lendman refers to them as the “scoundrel media,” and I fully concur with him.

Scoundrel media, I categorically and utterly reject your naked and shameless warmongering through your cartoons, your unproven and improbable allegations of Assad’s forces killing children, and your childish tabloid coverage of Assad’s wife’s alleged emails showing more concern for shopping than for the plight of the Syrian people.

Where were you before and after 1996 when 500,000 Iraqi children had already been killed and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said she believed the price of sanctions against Iraq was worth it?

And where, oh corporate whore Western mass media, have you been all this time that Nobel Peace Prize winner President Barack Obama has been presiding over the hundreds of civilian deaths in Pakistan at the hands of drone attacks he continues to authorize?

Previously, I wrote the article, Canada’s appalling participation in the bombing of Libya, and specifically took exception with the late Jack Layton’s support for the mission, despite being the leader of the so-called Opposition and an alleged supporter of human rights, showing that he was either misinformed or a political opportunist, as I have documented previously.

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