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Robert Bork argues that competition law is fun...

In 1987, during his Supreme Court Justice nomination hearings, Judge Robert Bork said (starting at 03:40):

I cite to you the Legal Tender Cases. Scholarship suggests — these are extreme examples, admittedly — scholarship suggests that the Framers intended to prohibit paper money. Any judge who today thought he would go back to the original intent, really ought to be accompanied by a guardian rather than be sitting on a bench.

Ironically, he was deemed to be too conservative, and a right-wing judicial activist by his top detractors like Senator Joe Biden and Senator Ted Kennedy.

This demonstrates that even so-called originalist and conservative judges don’t intend to uphold their oath of office when it’s politically difficult to do so, and why change needs to come externally.

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U.S. Senator Bob Smith of New HampshireBob Smith, former U.S. Senator from New Hampshire from 1990 to 2003, derided “liberals” during his January 21, 2011 appearance on Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith.

Yet, he voted for “The Liberal Lion” Ted Kennedy’s No Child Left Behind Act in 2001, as you will see in the Senate’s official roll call vote here.

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