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As I have expressed on my show, Exposing Faux Capitalism, an unfortunate consequence of Mark Dice coming out against Alex Jones is that Mark Dice is now the most visible critic of Alex Jones, when it should be Lee Rogers, who has been at the forefront of holding Alex Jones accountable for his words and actions very vigorously since 2008.

As Lee Rogers has himself pointed out, most of the people coming out against Alex Jones over the years have only done so in response to having been “screwed” by him, and not on the basis of a critical analysis of his words and actions.

After five years on the air on various networks, Lee Rogers has announced that his last episode of Live Free or Die Radio will be on December 21, 2012.

No one has yet matched the ongoing dedication that Lee Rogers has set for critically analyzing Alex Jones, but there are some who have done their part over time, including Charles Giuliani, the Celtic Rebel, Mike Sledge, and I have done my small part with these articles.

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Thanks to the Celtic Rebel of Oracle Broadcasting for revealing this clip on his April 25, 2012 Live Free or Die Radio episode that someone had put together on YouTube.

In response to a caller reading a list of prominent Jewish names, Alex Jones first says:

I’m not gonna sit here and get into mass hatred of Jews.

Then, from another show, with absolute rage in his voice:

The Mexicans want to destroy America. They hate this country with an absolute passion.

For more on Alex Jones, see my articles:

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