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Doug NewberryI was on Crisis of Reality with Doug Newberry on March 20, 2013, and discussed the following issues:

  • The attempted theft of up to nearly 10% of Cypriots’ bank account balances, how Cyprus couldn’t have been bailed out with Euro bonds, since they don’t exist, and the country would have to issue bonds directly, but there isn’t enough of a demand for them
  • Is George Soros buying up gun and ammo manufacturers? The Daily Caller claims it’s an internet rumour.
  • The gun-grabbers are at it again
    • Cultural divide over guns between Canadians and Americans because of no violent armed revolution in Canada, no Civil War, no history of slavery and no Second Amendment, so Canadians will generally go with U.S. mass media¬† anti-gun propaganda, and Canadians will be outgunned by their police forces and criminals when an economic collapse occurs, so hold onto your open and concealed-carry rights in the U.S. while you can!
  • Fellow Oracle Broadcasting host, Nathan Dedmore, calls in about his recent interview with David Williams about his site, Matrix Solutions
  • Why Canada is relatively more free than the United States since 9/11 — better representation in the people’s chamber, for one
  • Health care problems in Canada, compared to U.S.
    • 70% tax-payer funded, 30% privately funded
    • 9-hour emergency room wait time in a burgeoning Canadian city
    • Shorter wait time for a CAT scan for your cat than yourself
    • Big shortage of emergency room doctors, yet no problem finding a dentist or vet, because they are privately funded

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