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Radio host Dr. Bill Deagle documents how his scheduled February 26, 2008 appearance on Coast to Coast AM was cancelled just hours beforehand, by host George Noory, because of this picture of then President George W. Bush compared to Hitler.

Here is George Noory’s February 27, 2008 email to Dr. Bill Deagle:

—–Original Message—–
From: george
Sent: Feb 27, 2008 2:33 PM

Cc: DarkEditor@aol.com
Subject: RE: Censored Interview ? of Dr Bill Deagle MD

I saw your posted letter…I’m the one disappointed. You’re on Alex’s show…ask HIM about me…you’re way off base Bill.

I do think the policies of our administration are poor at best, but protraying a standing US President as Hitler is uncalled for and I WONT have MY show a party to it.

Have some respect for the office. It’s unfortunate because the
information you apparently report on is what I do.

Here is the description of Alex Jones’ scheduled April 16, 2013 appearance:

Documentary filmmaker and alternative media activist Alex Jones will discuss how he became consumed with exposing the forces controlling world events many years ago, and how much of what he predicted is coming to fruition. Yet much is yet to come, he believes, such as how humans will be replaced by robots, and the matrix of information that will control our every move.

Here is my April 16, 2013 email to George Noory. I also sent a similar email to his two producers, Lisa Lyon and Tom Danheiser.


Remember when you cancelled Dr. Bill Deagle’s scheduled appearance because of a Bush as Hitler picture on his site?

Your guest tonight, Alex Jones, has had several pictures of Obama as Hitler on his site since 2012, so why the double standard?


Here are the articles and pictures in question:

April 3, 2012

April 30, 2012

June 18, 2012

For more on George Noory’s outrageous hypocrisy, see my article, George Noory’s willful indifference to those suffering from the AIDS scam.

For more on why George Noory got upset with Bill Deagle’s picture of President Bush compared to Hitler, see my articles:

George Noory: “If it’s Jewish, I’m in support of it”

Coast to Coast AM more Jewish Zionist than Christian Zionist

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I emailed the following to Coast to Coast AM producers Lisa Lyon and Tom Danheiser, on the eve of Benjamin Fulford’s scheduled appearance on January 30, 2012:

Before you have Benjamin Fulford on this Monday’s show, consider that one of your previous guests, Joel Skousen, has openly stated that the claim Fulford made concerning two earthquakes in 2011 being caused by an anti-establishment group using nukes to blow up two underground bunkers of the elites is utterly false (World Affairs Brief, September 23, 2011).

Furthermore, one of your most prominent guests, Alex Jones, who had Fulford on in the past, hasn’t had him on again since 2008 (according to his prisonplanet.tv archives), and I’d say the reason likely is that Alex doesn’t want to be associated with the unsubstantiated claims that Fulford later put out.

The show description indicates that he plans to argue that Asia controls most of the world’s money, which is completely and provably false, just by world GDP alone, according to official IMF numbers for 2010.

While I understand the approach of letting the audience make up their own minds, the same could be said for the HIV/AIDS scam, yet discussion of it is deliberately being kept off your show, so I would ask for some consistency if Fulford is brought on.


Jason Erb

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