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Dr. Stan MonteithDr. Stan Monteith, a 49-year veteran researcher of alternative information suppressed by the mass media, and radio broadcaster since 1993, said on his October 26, 2011 broadcast (at 48:40):

I want you to know, we are not tax deductible, because we want to be able to tell you the truth.

I wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Stan Monteith’s concern with tax-exempt government-sanctioned and regulated organizations, and I particularly became concerned with the Ludwig von Mises Institute, which purports to advocate for a minimal — and among some of its associates, a non-existent role for government in the economy — yet is a tax-exempt organization. For more on them, see my articles:

1) The Ludwig von Mises Institute hates government so much, they’re a government-sanctioned and regulated tax-exempt organization.

2) The Ludwig von Mises Institute hates monetary inflation so much, they owned $4 million in U.S. Treasury Bonds in 2007.

3) Mises Institute VP Jeffrey Tucker says McDonald’s is the paradigm of progress, yet ignores their government-granted Obamacare exemption.

For more on Dr. Stan Monteith, see my articles:

1) Dr. Stan Monteith on Lyndon LaRouche: “He is, I believe, part of the controlled opposition.”

2) Championed Canadian political success stories on Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith

3) Dr. Stan Monteith explains the limited role of the federal government that few Christian evangelicals seem to get

4) “The fiat money system works well if it’s tightly controlled:” Dr. Stan Monteith

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This image is of economist Walter Block teachi...

On August 19, 2011, Dr. Walter Block of the Mises Institute, writing for LewRockwell.com, implied that Stefan Molyneux is a self-hating libertarian.

“I did indeed, until recently listening to this rant, have some respect for Molyneux (unlike for Reason magazine, which has long ago turned against libertarianism). He has authored some very persuasive material on anarcho-capitalism. But, evidently, Molyneux is one of those free market anarchists who does not really “hate the state” (see Murray Rothbard on this) certainly not enough to support one of the greatest enemies of statism the world has ever known.”

Here is my response to him:

Dr. Block,

You claiming that Stefan Molyneux doesn’t “hate the state” is rich, considering he is a true libertarian in acknowledging that corporations are creatures of government, unlike you who authored a paper arguing the neo-libertarian majority position that supporting a creature of government is perfectly compatible with libertarian principles, and by extension, hating the state.

But what else should we expect from a member of a 501(c)(3) organization that begged for special recognition and regulations from the very government it claims to hate, and hates inflation so much that it owned $4 million in U.S. Treasury Bonds in 2007?

I first wrote about Stefan Molyneux on July 29, 2010, here.

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Ludwig von Mises Institute

Upon discovering that the Ludwig von Mises Institute is a government-sanctioned and regulated tax-free 501(3)(c) organization, I looked for their publicly-available IRS disclosures.

Their latest complete tax-exempt filing available as of February 14, 2011, is for 2007.

Despite their talk of monetary inflation being bad in all cases, they owned $4 million in U.S. Treasury Bonds in 2007 (see page 17 of the PDF), which they all sold the very same year the subprime housing bubble burst.

It also shows that they owned a total of $291,164 in 32 other securities, with their biggest holdings being in PetroChina and Royal Caribbean, which they all sold at a loss in the same year, with the exception of their Allete Inc., News Corp, Buckeye Partners and AT&T shares.

It is quite possible that most, if not all, of these stocks were gifted by donors. Yet, it is an interesting portfolio for what it does and does not contain.

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