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Apparently being a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and an attendee of Bohemian Grove and Bilderberg meetings wasn’t enough to keep Charlie Rose from being accused by several women for sexual impropriety and assault. Maybe he would’ve fared better today if David Rockefeller (one of his favourite interviewees and past CFR President + Trilateral Commission founder) would’ve still been alive.

Rose featured prominently in many of the 1000+ articles I had written since 2009, and here are most of them, which you can find linked here.

Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker laughs at the great increase in wealth disparity over the past 10 to 15 years, and at Americans for not speaking out more forcibly against it

Fareed Zakaria tells the truth about the Bill of Rights, “an anti-democratic document”

Globalist champion Charlie Rose goes native with his show archives

Charlie Rose raises Zionism with Turkish minister, stays silent on Armenian genocide

Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg: “Until women are as ambitious as men, they’re not going to achieve as much as men.”

Charlie Rose’s interview with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Charlie Rose’s pro-Big Pharma panel on Multiple Sclerosis

Charlie Rose interviews Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Charlie Rose pulled the transcripts of his shows

According to CharlieRose.com, the financial crisis ended on March 10, 2009

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s Obamacare wording hypocrisy

Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor betrays the political nature of the Court

Dick Cheney mistakenly thinks the Second Amendment granted rights

Zbigniew Brzezinski warns against an Israeli attack on Iran

Former Bush chief strategist Matthew Dowd’s bogus New Hampshire Republican primary prediction

Former Associate Supreme Court Justice, John Paul Stevens, explains the changing definition of “originalism”

Self-described communist, Slavoj Zizek: “Capitalism is the most productive social order in the history of humanity.”

Warren Buffett: “The decision to make Tim Geithner the Secretary of Treasury was a terrific decision.”

Corporate welfare recipient Morgan Stanley Chairman working for China

IMF Director says IMF “forces coordination” and there’s “no other solution” to Greek-style austerity

To the U.S. government, immediately means within a year

Russia’s second-largest bank, VTB, is 85% state-owned

How to meet our future electricity demands: The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind

The leader of Singapore’s economic miracle shares his fascinating and strategic insight into today’s world

“America is down, not out”: Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said Google’s mission is to store all the world’s information

Credit card applications too complex, even for a Harvard Law Professor!

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English: Charlie Rose – Tribeca Film Festival ...

On July 6, 2012, Bilderberger, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission stalwart, Charlie Rose, assembled a typical pro-Big Pharma panel to discuss Multiple Sclerosis.

One of the panelists blamed the Epstein-Barr virus as the likely candidate for causing MS, which tells me they have no idea what they’re talking about. That’s the same virus that is blamed for causing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and has been blamed as a co-factor in causing AIDS.

36 minutes in, one of the panelists advocated routine brain scans.

I wrote the following comment, which has remained.

FauxCapitalist 07/09/2012 09:38 PM Report

Dr. Woodrow C. Monte, Professor Emeritus of Nutrition, Arizona State University, has written the book, While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills, about what he has identified as the likely cause of MS — methanol poisoning — which he documents as being completely avoidable solely by altering your diet to avoid food that contains methanol. See whilesciencesleeps.com.

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English: Map of Canada

On October 18, 2011, I wrote the article, Canadian government to its citizens: You’re incapable of defending our border, about the radical North American Union integration plan to achieve the interoperability of Canadian and U.S. law enforcement.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, like his predecessors Jean Chretien and Brian Mulroney, can’t bend over fast enough to satisfy his Trilateral Commission masters in achieving further regional integration.

For what good Canadian border security looks like, see this classic Canadian Heritage Minute video:

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ErskineI was listening to the end of the first hour of Erskine Overnight for May 5, 2012, and had to listen a second time to confirm that Erskine had surprisingly denounced the GCN newscasts that run at the top of every hour for most shows on GCN, unless, of course, you get special treatment, like Alex Jones.

Erskine said (at 51:19):

We’ll be right back, after these unnecessary newscast[s].

I first heard Erskine on the air back in the 1990s, and lately, he is really letting his personal views be known:

1) Erskine of Erskine Overnight questions whether David Icke is controlled opposition

2) Erskine of Erskine Overnight implies that George Noory made a deal with the devil in becoming host of Coast to Coast AM

3) Erskine of Erskine Overnight says he was offered fame and fortune by hosting a Clear Channel program that sounds a lot like Coast to Coast AM, so long as he didn’t talk about “conspiracy stuff” (like the Trilateral Commission)

I remember when Michael Rivero was on GCN, and he had a problem with the IRN newscasts that GCN was running, saying they were too pro-Israel, and he specifically requested GCN to run INN newscasts during his show instead.

Luckily for Erskine, he has been on GCN since its earliest days and has many affiliates, but being the second highest-rated show among online listeners didn’t stop GCN from pulling the plug on George Whitehurst-Berry’s show, Crash! Are You Ready?

Given the pathetic state of the alternative media these days, I encourage Erskine to step up his public statements even more, and to go out with a bang as George Whitehurst-Berry did, and not a whimper.

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Coast to Coast AM

On November 20, 2011, I wrote the article, Erskine of Erskine Overnight says he was offered fame and fortune by hosting a Clear Channel program that sounds a lot like Coast to Coast AM, so long as he didn’t talk about “conspiracy stuff” (like the Trilateral Commission). Erskine said:

I’ll tell you what happened to me, Dr. Krieg. I got a phone call from one of the major networks — radio networks, not TV — and they said, ‘hey, we’d like you to do this radio show and there’s a lot of money in it, and it’ll be very good, we think you’d be very good on it. Cover a lot of paranormal topics, that type of thing.’

I said ‘fine, that sounds great.’

‘But you can’t do any of that conspiracy stuff, nobody wants to hear any of that conspiracy stuff.’

So that tells you exactly what they’re doing. You take Clear Channel and, it was a Clear Channel thing, and that’s exactly what they were doing. They were giving you your marching orders before you even took it. Yeah, I could’ve been extraordinarily famous, other people have done it, other people have taken it. But the fact of the matter is, they promise you the money and everything else. Isn’t that a lot like what Satan did to Jesus? I mean, I’m sorry, I’m not comparing myself to Jesus or them to Satan, but this is sort of the way of the world, isn’t it?

I said that the show Erskine referred to sounds a lot like Coast to Coast AM, but I am 99% convinced he was referring to Coast to Coast AM, because of it being a Clear Channel program, the reference to “there’s a lot of money in it,” the timing when Erskine had his show and when they were looking for a full-time replacement for Art Bell, and the fact that both Art Bell and George Noory have demonstrably acted as gatekeepers for keeping certain topics and guests away from their vast audience, like when George Noory brought on Alex Jones and David Icke, whom Art Bell had previously gatekept.

Therefore, according to my understanding, Erskine implied that George Noory made a deal with the devil in becoming the host of Coast to Coast AM, and the documented fact that Noory is gatekeeping the AIDS scam is an example of the deal he made to not to talk about certain things, despite him having no problem given three hours to talk about the far less significant problem of Lyme Disease.

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Coast to Coast AM

Benjamin Fulford is scheduled to make his first appearance on Coast to Coast AM on January 30, 2012. From the show description:

Former Asia/Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine, Benjamin Fulford, will address how most of the world’s money is now controlled by Asia, which will bring a fundamental change in the balance of power, and a restructuring of the international banking system.

That is a completely absurd statement, as by GDP, the non-Asian economies currently account for the majority of all wealth.

The IMF reports the GDP for all nations  was nearly $63 billion in 2010. The European Union, United States and Brazil account for over half of the world’s GDP alone.

To suggest that Asia controls most of the world’s money is to draw attention away from the privately owned Federal Reserve, which has been increasing the monetary base by trillions of dollars since 2008 through its “quantitive easing,” and away from the privately owned Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, which is the central bank for central banks.

This from Joel Skousen’s September 23, 2011 World Affairs Brief:


Fulford claims that two recent US earthquakes were actually the result of counter government forces blowing up two of the elite’s deep underground bunkers with nuclear weapons. This is totally preposterous. All bunker systems have large ventilation systems and a nuclear blast would have sent huge visible plumes of debris into the air from those vents. The blast valves on them only prevent incoming blast and do not stop a blast from escaping. Nothing like that occurred.

Be careful of the temptation to believe in too-good-to-be true claims that can’t be proven or tracked. The worst offenders to avoid besides Fulford are Lee Emil Wanta, the EU Times, Sorcha Faal and Russia Today (RT television: a KGB connected outlet that puts out a lot of truth in order to sucker in conservatives with periodic disinformation–much like Lyndon LaRouche)

If that wasn’t enough to make you wonder, check out this January 23, 2009 article on Rense.com: Absolutely Bizarre ‘Creature’ In Benjamin Fulford’s Spine.

For more on some of the highly questionable guests on Coast to Coast AM, see my article, The questionable guests of Coast to Coast AM.

For what Coast to Coast AM is really all about, see Erskine of Erskine Overnight says he was offered fame and fortune by hosting a Clear Channel program that sounds a lot like Coast to Coast AM, so long as he didn’t talk about “conspiracy stuff” (like the Trilateral Commission).

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Coast to Coast AM

I came across Red Ice Radio in October, 2011, and since then, it has featured interviews with two prominent AIDS dissidents — Dr. Peter Duesberg and Rethinking AIDS President, David Crowe.

You will notice the names of many guests who have appeared on Coast to Coast AM, including some others that are kept off of Coast to Coast AM by George Noory, such as Dr. Peter Duesberg and David Crowe.

For more on George Noory and his gatekeeping, see my articles:
1) Erskine of Erskine Overnight says he was offered fame and fortune by hosting a Clear Channel program that sounds a lot like Coast to Coast AM, so long as he didn’t talk about conspiracy stuff (like the Trilateral Commission)
2) The opening salvo of my public appeal to George Noory of Coast to Coast AM to cover the $300 billion AIDS scam
3) George Noory advocates the bankster gold standard

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