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1965 Gold Medal Award winner David Rockefeller

On the December 29, 2011 episode of Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith, he recounted what his friend, Congressman William E. Dannemeyer, was told by David Rockefeller (starting at 39:17):

Some men are born to rule, [but] most men are born to be ruled.

I heard Dr. Stan Monteith relay this quotation before, without giving the source. I checked and saw that his regular weekly guest, Dr. Dennis Cuddy, reported on it in NewsWithViews.com as early as 2005.

For more on David Rockefeller, see my article, Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker laughs at the great increase in wealth disparity over the past 10 to 15 years, and at Americans for not speaking out more forcibly against it.

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Paul Volcker, former head of the Federal Reser...

In an October 24, 2011 interview with Charlie Rose, former Fed Chairman and fellow Bilderberger, Paul Volcker, laughed at the great increase in wealth disparity in the United States over the past 10 to 15 years, and at Americans for not speaking out more forcibly against it (starting at 18:27).

But there is a feeling — which I’ve been a little surprised has not been expressed more forcibly before — the distribution of income, which has changed very radically in the last 10 or 15 years. And you have a situation in the United States where there’s been almost no growth in real income for the average family for 10 or 15 years, but way at the upper end of the income distribution, there’s been an enormous increase, of a kind that didn’t take place in my lifetime or even in your lifetime. (laughs)

Rose responded with “it’s unbelievable!” — which is only genuine if he’s referring to Americans not speaking out more forcibly against it, and not the fact that it’s taken place, since he holds the Triple Crown for membership in globalist organizations where policies are discussed and made, and he regularly features fellow members on his program.

Rose posted a short 4-minute YouTube clip from the nearly half-hour interview, conveniently omitting reference to fellow Bilderberger Paul Volcker laughing at fellow Americans.

As to what the goal is of groups like the Bilderbergers, the CFR and the Trilateral Commission is — Bilderberg attendee, former CFR Director and Trilateral Commission founder David Rockefeller said it best in his own memoirs (emphasis mine):

Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.

For more on Charlie Rose and his guests, see my articles:

1) Charlie Rose pulled the transcripts of his shows

2) Corporate welfare recipient Morgan Stanley Chairman working for China

3) IMF director says IMF “forces coordination” and “there’s no other solution” to Greek-style austerity

4) According to CharlieRose.com, the financial crisis ended on March 10, 2009

5) Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker admits the Federal Reserve is private and he attended Bilderberg Group meetings

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran

I saw an interesting interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by Triple Crown Charlie (CFR, Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission member) Rose on September 23, 2011.

In it, he said the reason Iran needs so much 20% enriched uranium is to provide special medical isotopes to about 800,000 cancer patients, and that Iran is willing to accept it being provided by other countries, but the U.S. isn’t allowing it.

He also mentioned something I hadn’t heard, about the IAEA apparently going outside the boundaries of its lawful operation, in releasing the names of three Iranian nuclear scientists who were later killed, he says, by Israel.

A trusted correspondent pointed out that Ahmadinejad’s claim about needing 20% enriched uranium to help out 800,000 cancer patients is likely bogus, saying that such isotopes are produced by cyclotrons or nuclear reactors, and not centrifuges.

The IAEA is an American puppet, however, as former UN weapons inspector, Scott Ritter, who was right about no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, told us when he outed another former weapons inspector, Richard Butler, as effectively working as an American spy.

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Charlie Rose in 2010 at the Tribeca Film Festival

Triple Crown Charlie (CFR and Trilateral Commission member and Bilderberg attendee) Rose has pulled the transcripts of all the interviews on his site, CharlieRose.com.

Maybe it was considered an unjustified expense, or perhaps it’s because people could easily look up and see what some of the top globalists have said about their plans for the world.

Here are the most recent ones I covered, which received significant alternative media coverage:

January 25, 2011: Corporate welfare recipient Morgan Stanley Chairman working for China

December 19, 2010: IMF Director says IMF “forces coordination” and there’s “no other solution” to Greek-style austerity

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Hugh Segal

On January 19, 2011, Trilateralist Hugh Segal came out with an editorial in Canada’s foremost national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, advocating a so-called guaranteed annual income for Canadians.

Incidentally, The Globe is the newspaper that another Trilateralist, Jeffrey Simpson, is national affairs columnist for.

See the Trilateral Commission’s latest North American membership list from their own website here.

The Trilateral Commission was established in 1973 by David Rockefeller, the man who infamously wrote in his own memoirs that (emphasis mine):

Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.

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Speaking to Triple Crown Charlie (CFR and Trilateral Commission member and Bilderberg attendee) Rose on December 16, 2010, IMF Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn ran cover for failed Euro and IMF interventionist policies.

I’m a big advocate of the single currency,

Greater economic integration often leads to greater political integration, as demonstrated by the progression in Europe from the European Coal and Steel Community to the European Economic Community to the European Union and then the Euro.

and it provides a lot of results.

Yes, like the 110 billion Euro Greek bailout and the 85 billion Euro Irish bailout.

CHARLIE ROSE: Can you have austerity and growth at the same time?

DOMINIQUE STRAUSS-KAHN: Well, I would answer no.

He’s obviously unaware of or deliberately omitting that the U.S. had unprecedented economic growth from 1945-1950, in the face of federal budget cuts of over 50%.

But the problem in the banking sector is limited to small number of banks. The big banks are safe and so I think it’s manageable.

Safe like three of the five biggest investment banks in the U.S., one of which went bankrupt (Lehman Brothers) and two others which collapsed (Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch) and were bought up at a fraction of their 52-week highs by the biggest commercial banks? Or safe like the biggest commercial banks that were bailed out by the federal government’s $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Plan and the Federal Reserve’s $3.3 trillion bailout fund they fought so hard to keep secret?

Or how about Iceland’s currency going south by 80% in just four months in 2008 as a result of their three big banks going bankrupt? Or the UK’s two biggest banks being effectively nationalized? Or… You get the idea.

Speaking on the decision required by Euro countries to get out of the current crisis, Strauss-Kahn said (emphasis added):

It’s politically very difficult. The decision will be made in the center which will overcome the sovereignty of the nations.

He’s saying that the only acceptable decision will be made in what he refers to as “the center,” and admits it will overcome the sovereignty of the nations involved.

DOMINIQUE STRAUSS-KAHN: Well, I think a few things. First, the Greek government is very bold. And take action as it has to be done. Of course people don’t like it. But you know, the man on the street also have to understand they absolutely needed. The Greek economy was at the edge of a cliff, and there were no other solution.

Bob Chapman has repeatedly proposed an alternative solution for the Greeks, which I wholeheartedly endorse. Namely, defaulting on all their bankster-issued debts, pulling out of the Euro, going back to the Drachma, slashing exorbitant entitlements, and going through the immediate pain over the next five years at a minimum that is likely to be less severe than what will happen if they continue down the path laid out by the IMF and other globalist bankster institutions.

So the question today is that many may believe wrongfully in my view that the crises is over and go back to their domestic problem and forget all about the global coordination. So our role is to try to force this coordination among the G20 countries.

Strauss-Kahn admits that the IMF forces action on countries, despite insisting otherwise throughout the interview. Prior to the crisis in 2008, the G8 was the primary economic organization until 2009, when it was announced the G20 would be “the new permanent council for international economic cooperation,” with far greater clout to force solutions on sovereign nations.

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In commenting on World Bank president Robert Zoellick’s gold linkage article in the Financial Times on November 7, 2010, at the start of the first segment of the second hour of the following day, Dr. Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty said:

The [current] president of the World Bank, Mr. Robert Zoellick, had come forward recently and said that what we need is a new international currency backed by gold. Now, that is an amazing, amazing statement. Because what it really means is that they’re talking about doing away with the dollar as the world reserve currency.

Robert Zoellick is one of the members of the Trilateral Commission. And the Trilateral Commission, there’s only 87 of them [from North America] — they control our government.

Barry Goldwater in page 280 of his book said the purpose of the Trilateral Commission was to take over control of the commercial and financial interests of the world by first seizing control of the government of the United States.

When he calls for a global currency, I think that this has a great deal of significance. He calls for a global currency that’s gold backed, I think that this could mean the end of the dollar dominance of the world and the impoverishment of millions of Americans.

To me, the fact that Zoellick was a member of the Trilateral Commission and called for a linkage to gold should ring an alarm bell, especially for those sincere people such as Dr. Stan and Ron Paul who are strong advocates of a gold standard.

Is it likely that Zoellick, being president of the World Bank and former member of the subversive Trilateral Commission, advocating a linkage to gold, in the best interests of the people in general, or is it more likely that he is advocating in the best interests of the banksters he works with and is one of?

I believe it’s the latter. For more information on the historical failures of a gold standard, see my articles:

Inflation on the gold standard,

“Famine or Gold Standard?” How About the Gold Standard and Great Depression

A new gold-backed currency for the U.S. dollar and

The gold standard loses its perceived lustre with major media attention,

and watch the free full-length version of the documentary by Bill Still, The Secret of Oz.

and become a regular listener of George Whitehurst Berry’s Crash! Are You Ready?

For the success of “fiat” currency, see my article A “fiat” currency that lasted more than 500 years.

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