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Here are some Alex Jones email news alerts from the summer of 2013:

Alex Jones– “Leftists Caught Running Zimmerman Frame Up

Alex, I thought you were against the “false left/right paradigm”.

– “Photos: Obama-Backed Syrian Rebels Ransack Christian Village

Alex, I thought you’ve said on repeated occasions that Obama is just a puppet of the “globalists”? Who are some of these prominent globalists? Carl Bernstein recently told us who they are.

– “Twitter Flooded With New Wave of Riot Threats

Ah, yes, because people’s posts on Twitter are such a reliable indicator of what they’ll do in real life, right?

It reminds me of the ridiculous race-baiting fearmongering that Jones was instigating prior to the 2012 presidential election, in trumpeting the Twitter posts by some African-Americans, claiming that they would riot if Romney were elected.

Anyone who has spent more than a few hours in online chat rooms or forums would realize that lots of people act tough online, and flame others, only to wimp out in real life confrontations.

– “Americans Abandon July 4 Celebrations

This headline makes it seem like it’s widespread, whereas the actual article only refers to “some” Americans abandoning July 4 celebrations.

– “Zimmerman Acquittal to Cause Race Riots

The actual article link quotes some “Ex-Chicago Cop”, but the headline puts the thought in people’s mind that race riots are a virtual certainty if Zimmerman is acquitted.

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Here are some interesting statistics concerning how social media will affect the November 6, 2012 United States presidential election.

Social media can be used to provide a counterbalance to the two-party system lock on elections in the United States, whether it be the promotion of a third party candidate or a vote for “None of the above,” as some jurisdictions effectively allow by declining your ballot.

I have achieved successful outreach through various social media for my blog and radio program, and I have found that prominent personalities are more apt to respond through sites like Twitter and Facebook where the exchanges can be publicly seen, than through private email.

Consider, additionally, smaller social media sites, which are less apt to be controlled with content filters and more strict account restrictions, in the case that you have an important message to get out that may not be popular for most readers.

Provided by: Open-Site.org

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English: Alex Jones outside Bilderberg meeting...

From the September 16, 2012 interview with Dr. Steve Piecznenik (starting at 33:22), which resulted in his September 18 appearance being cancelled.

From his Twitter feed:

Steve Pieczenik @StevePieczenik
Alex Jones just pulled me off his 1:30 show today. He was intimidated by the very people we talked about. no worries, truth will prevail.
8:36 AM Sep 18th

And his blog at stevepieczenik.com/blog:

Okay, no Alex Jones today! Just got a call from info wars, canceling my interview. I think Alex was intimidated by the very people and organizations that we were talking about. Stay tuned, more to come.
Posted by Steve Pieczenik at 8:30 AM 29 comments:

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Dodo bird

The Toronto Star, Canada’s most highly circulated newspaper, made a failed attempt to stop a Conservative majority government by endorsing the NDP. Then, when the party’s deputy questioned the story of bin Laden’s killing, he was smeared in an Associated Press article that was picked up by the Star.

Today, some Star reporter wrote:

Last week, Pittsburgh Steeler Rashard Mendenhall was excoriated when he used Twitter to express sadness about the American reaction to the death of Osama bin Laden and, more worryingly, air a few of his 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Athletes, being athletes, rarely receive any real punishment for their off-the-cuff nonsense.

My email to the columnist:

Oh, what a bad man, expressing his views outside the confines of a mass media newspaper column such as yours.

Perhaps you’ll recall that it was your newspaper that endorsed the very party whose deputy later expressed doubts about bin Laden’s death, so it would seem misdirection is the order of the day.

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