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American Flag on Canada Day 2008

While generally regarded as having a more intrusive government than the United States, the reality in Canada since 9/11 is far different, and the undertaking of the census is one such example.

While Americans had census workers going onto their property with GPS systems in 2010, Canadians received a one-page form in their mailboxes in May 2011, courtesy of Canada Post, asking them to fill it out online, or to call a toll-free number to get a hardcopy.

As a result of the governing Conservatives policy change in 2010, the “long-form” census is now optional for those Canadians selected to participate, and it is only mandatory to answer some basic questions, including your address, phone number, age, sex, the number of residents, and language-related questions specifically required in pursuance of Canada’s official policy of bilingualism.

In the United States, however, some Americans were required to answer many more questions, despite their Constitution stating that the census is only supposed to be an enumeration of residents for the purpose of determining representation in the House of Representatives, and the apportionment of direct taxes.

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