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One of the topics I have given prominent coverage to over the years is the $300+ billion AIDS scam.

My site — a part-time unpaid effort — has surpassed the federally funded AIDS propaganda site, DenyingAIDS.blogspot.com, which is managed by full-time AIDS propagandist, Seth Kalichman of the University of Connecticut.

As of November 23, 2011, FauxCapitalist.com was ranked in 750,994th place by Alexa.com out of nearly 30 million ranked websites, while Seth Kalichman’s AIDS propaganda site was only ranked in 820,841st place.

For more on the AIDS scam, see my articles here.

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Contagion (novel)

Lee Rogers of Live Free or Die Radio gave his review of the movie, Contagion, on his September 21, 2011 show.

Listen starting at 1:48:35 to hear all the elements of propaganda he identified in the movie.

Not only is there blatant propaganda in the Contagion movie, but it was likely funded and scripted by the federal government.

Here is a 2007 article that disappeared, but I managed to retrieve it from archive.org, which openly admits that the federal government, through the CDC, had doctors work with script writers for a Law and Order: Special Victims Unit episode to put out propaganda on AIDS.

Also, there is a professor at UConn, Seth Kalichman, who is openly on the payroll of the federal government through a grant program designed to put out propaganda, and he openly admitted to using a false identity to get information from the President of Rethinking AIDS, the group of now over 2800 individuals who question the AIDS scam, including 600 people with PhDs and 300 with MDs.

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Robert C. Gallo, US biomedical researcher, co-...

Ontario’s public broadcaster, TVO, hosted a panel on the topic of scientific misconduct, particularly discussing Andrew Wakefield, and not mentioning Robert Gallo’s scientific misconduct and still unretracted fraudulent papers, showing how out to lunch even a relatively independent public broadcaster is.

One panelist 10 minutes in even compared drawing a link to illnesses and deaths after the swine flu vaccinations in the 1970s to those who question the moon landing.

Maybe he’s reading out of the same playbook as well-paid federal government agent, Seth Kalichman of the University of Connecticut, who has employed the same tactics in his book and on his blog, in a desperate attempt to squelch honest scientific inquiry into the serious and complex medical and social issue of AIDS.

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