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Pac-Man Championship Edition (2007)

On May 25, 2012 the federal government agency, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, announced $5.8 million in federal funding for video game research at the University of Waterloo over the next seven years.

I personally know a resident of Kitchener-Waterloo who is a former employee of the BF Goodrich plant in Kitchener and made over $25 an hour until he was laid off around 2006 and is now only making $11 an hour as a security guard. His wife was unemployed the last time I heard earlier this year despite being a registered nurse and able to work if only union rules and government regulations weren’t so tight.

Another person I know is a former employee of Piller’s, who used to make $18 an hour and has been unemployed this year after being laid off when Arnold Meat Packers went bankrupt and cheated him out of over $2000 in pay for work already rendered.

Given RIM’s troubles, there is word they plan to lay off more well paid employees locally.

It’s about priorities.

While the government announced the closure of several visa case processing centres on April 30 with the reason of cost savings, it prioritizes video games over uniting overseas spouses from many countries with their Canadian spouses, including those whose applications were being processed by the former embassy in Damascus, Syria, where the 80% waiting time rose from 9 months to 14-17 months from 2011 to 2012, despite the four months of available processing time at other embassies since the Embassy closed at the end of January 2012.

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Image representing Sheryl Sandberg as depicted...

On Charlie Rose’s November 7, 2011 interview with Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, and COO, Sheryl Sandberg, they talked about Facebook, social networking and privacy concerns, and then the topic of women in business leadership roles came up. (starting at 49:14)

I really think we need more women to lean into their careers, and to be really dedicated to staying in the workforce. I think the achievement gap is caused by a lot of things. It’s caused by institutional barriers and all kinds of stuff. But there’s also a really big ambition gap. If you survey men and women in college today in this country, the men are more ambitious than women. Until women are as ambitious as men, they’re not going to achieve as much as men.

I am reminded of a professor at the university I attended who told me about an initiative the Computer Science department created to attract more women to the program. Women accounted for around 20% of the enrollment, which was the lowest for any program at the university, and even notably lower than Engineering, overall.

She said they were surprised that the enrollment of women actually went down after they instituted their program, and they were baffled by this. Anyone who has taken an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, especially at The University of Waterloo, will know exactly why such a program isn’t very appealing to women.

The Computer Science program’s leather jacket was then known as the male equivalent of a chastity belt, and the computer lab was your second, and in some cases, your primary home.

I hope her reference to women being more ambitious than men is in the context of the business world, and not overall, since many women are ambitious mothers, and some cultures still fully appreciate the essential role they play, as Western culture once did.

Within the business context, I wholeheartedly agree with her, but at the same time, there are very good reasons why women aren’t in business leadership roles to the degree that their formal education and experience compares favourably to their male counterparts. Having worked with women in business leadership roles, I have personally observed that ultimately, the responsibility of taking care of their children rests mostly with them.

Eliminating the institutional barriers she referenced is one thing, but trying to convince someone that a certain field and position in an organization is desirable for them despite what their personal preferences continue to indicate strikes me as elitist.

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Avi LipkinAvi Lipkin, aka Victor Mordecai, returned to Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith on October 10, 2011, in his role as propagandist for the radical element of Israeli society.

He said Muslims don’t win any Nobel prizes except for peace prizes (not even true).

As if Nobel Prizes have a single shred of credibility left after Al Gore and Barack Obama were awarded peace prizes.

Even the credibility of the Nobel Prize in Medicine/Physiology is in question, with the alleged discoverer of HIV being given the award in 2008 for a virus that has never been proven to exist, let alone cause AIDS.

After Barack Obama was awarded his peace prize, he escalated the so-called “War on Terror” from Afghanistan and Iraq to Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya, and recently assassinated an American citizen.

Even global warming scam so-called scientists implicated in the Climategate fiasco have distanced themselves from some of Al Gore’s bogus claims, and a UK judge found nine errors in Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.

At 31:52, he said:

Christians are educated — Muslims are not. Christians are hard-working, industrious — Muslims are not.

Yeah, Muslims aren’t educated at all — like that neurosurgeon one of my friends had. Or all those engineering professors at the University of Waterloo, and all the engineering students I see getting their Masters and PhDs there every year.

Or the civil engineers who designed the roads in Amman, Jordan — a city comparable in population to Toronto — yet with fewer traffic problems, despite no subway system and fewer buses.

Gee, you’re right, Avi — those aren’t educated Muslims at all…

He was focusing on Muslims in the Middle East, yet even there, the example of Jordan being ranked more economically free than Iceland in 2011 by the conservative Heritage Foundation puts the lie to his claim that Arab Muslims are somehow inherently less hard-working and industrious than Christians. Jordan was even ranked higher than Israel.

Just imagine if he had exchanged the word Muslims for blacks or Hispanics, and ask yourself if he could get away with such rhetoric on the FCC-regulated airwaves his claims were made on.

He also claimed that if President Obama is re-elected, Obama intends to bring in 100 million Muslim immigrants to the U.S. by 2016. When asked if he really believes that, he said he wouldn’t be making that claim if he didn’t believe it. Strong signs point to Obama not being re-elected, unless there is a false flag attack, so it is a safe claim to make. If Obama is re-elected, I am going on record now that there is no conceivable scenario in which 100 million immigrants from anywhere would be accepted in the U.S. over the course of four years.

For more about Avi Lipkin, see my article, Avi Lipkin paints a biased picture of Israel, while stoking the fear of Islam.

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