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English: Actress and comedian Victoria Jackson...

From the August 1, 2012 episode of Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani, Ed Chiarini claims that the late Father Coughlin was really Kermit Roosevelt (at 1h 41m), and that Deanna Spingola is really Saturday Night Live star, Victoria Jackson. Deanna/Victoria calls in to challenge him (at 1 h 47m), and he demands she show him her ears to prove she’s not Victoria Jackson.

Can Austrian School economist Gary North spot the real Victoria Jackson? He was on two episodes of the Politichicks with her.

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I came across these two appearances of his on the show, PolitiChicks.

I can see why he never referenced it on his website.

To be fair, he does make some good points, but the context of the show is a big joke, with Victoria Jackson blowing a kazoo and singing and playing a guitar.

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