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From the “Socratic Assassin,” Jan Helfeld, from an interview he did in the 1990s, before the age of viral videos, with an increase in views from 6000 since 2008 to nearly 28,000 just in the past couple months now that Bernie Sanders is a declared presidential candidate.

For more on Helfeld, see my articles here.

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Boston Marathon bombingsThis was from live coverage of the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, on Fox News, on April 15, 2013. Watch, and ask yourself, why was the mass media’s immediate focus put on bags laying on the ground, and why is the focus still there, despite no video evidence yet produced of bags dropped off that later exploded.

In it, the studio reporter says injured people were coming through the glass walls, and a reporter at the scene says it looked like the explosion took place halfway up the building, in the middle, and not at ground level.

Here are when the significant statements were made:

3:04 – injured people coming from behind glass walls
6:45, 7:09 – Maria Stephanos said explosion was on side of building, right where Jumbotron was
8:01 – said explosion looked like it took place halfway up the building
8:32 – she said explosion came from middle of building, not ground level

For more on the Boston Marathon bombings, see my article, How you were misled in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing.

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Gary Franchi and Mark DiceWith the publication of my article, What Gary Franchi’s 24/7 Next News Network won’t be covering, I presented 12 article links about what the fledgling network won’t be covering about Alex Jones.

Subsequent to that, I came across this November 2, 2012 Next News Network video report by Gary Franchi, wherein he interviews Mark Dice, who had recently come out swinging against Alex Jones in September.

This video is proof that either Gary Franchi isn’t keeping up with such important developments in the alternative media, that he doesn’t care, or is selective in his disdain for “infighting.”

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Investigate 9/11A fellow Canadian linked to my article, What didn’t happen on 9/11, with the misunderstanding that I was promoting “the theory that 9/11 wasn’t actually a terrorist attack.”

No, it was definitely a terrorist attack, but the question is who were the terrorists.

The author responded to two of my comments with predictable diversionary tactics, in not refuting the accuracy of my assertions.

Then, this reader chimed in concerning my comments:

As for 9/11, James is right. Any official video would no doubt be dismissed as fake by people who wanted to believe otherwise to advance whatever agenda they may have (see landing, moon).

I responded with:

FauxCapitalist says:
Today at 10:14 am (9 hours ago)

Why deal in generalities when we have specifics?

An official video did come out — the problem is, it’s missing a date and timestamp, so we’re just supposed to assume it was of one of the alleged hijackers boarding Flight 77 at Dulles at the time they said.

Then, there’s the still frame of Atta and another alleged terrorist, with two timestamps, and it’s actually from Portland airport, not Logan, where they allegedly took off.

It’s sad how too many fellow Canadians, including this one, still slavishly cling to the official 9/11 conspiracy theory, despite the lack of the psychological barrier facing Americans, of confronting complicity by elements within their own government.

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Alex Jones claims to be at “the tip of the spear” in exposing the New World Order, and the impression is given that the power structure is fearful of his operation.

See this video, and ask yourself: Are the debt-money masters scared of him, or laughing their asses off?

Credit goes to George Whitehurst-Berry, who used a similar title for another video of Alex Jones.

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Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

In 1985 Madonna famously said, “we are living in a material world,” but in 2012, we are living in a video world.

You will notice that whenever you do a Google search for something that has prominent videos on the Web, Google will put several videos on its first page of hits, often near the top.

Given that most people don’t go past the first page of search results, this shows that a primary Search Engine Optimization strategy should be to provide links to videos, especially YouTube clips, with the relevant search tags.

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Elizabeth Warren, professor of contract law at Harvard, said the following in a May 11, 2009 interview with Charlie Rose:

Elizabeth Warren: “Can you read your credit card agreement?”

Charlie Rose: “No.”

Warren: “I can’t either. I teach contract law as well. It’s more than 30 pages long.”

Full video and transcript available here.

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