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BRITISH COLUMBIA 1986 Blue Baseplate

Primarily, because it was foisted upon them as a naked cash grab without any offsets like the Ontario government was clever in offering to its residents.

Then, their provincial government tried to bribe them with a two percentage point cut to the HST, and taking a bribe compromises your credibility.

For one, it was only a promise, and we know how promises are often broken, especially when the government falls upon hard economic times.

While it would be politically more difficult to later raise the tax rate, they would likely play a shell game of trying to fool people and raise taxes and fees in other areas to make up for their revenue crunch.

We saw this in Ontario with the Mike Harris Progressive Conservatives, who borrowed billions from other countries and bankers in order to slash personal income taxes by 30%, only to make up for the remaining revenue crunch by downloading the cost of services to municipalities, which was later ruled to have been the main contributing factor to the Walkerton E.coli water disaster.

It was widely recognized that had B.C. kept the HST in place until 2015, at which point they could cancel and not have to pay back the $1.6 billion federal bribe they were given, it would’ve been politically and practically impossible to go back to two separate sales tax regimes, which is what made the 2015 poison pill so diabolical.

Unlike Ontario, B.C. will now go back to a system that the Canadian Constitution intended. Namely, for the provinces to have the power of taxation within the province for provincial purposes. This was portrayed as an inefficiency, yet one local store owner informed me that despite the alleged claims of savings for businesses under such a system, his accountant was still charging him just as much as she was before the HST went into effect on July 1, 2010.

The deal between Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Conservative Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and former Liberal Premier of B.C., Gordon Campbell, showed how the left-right paradigm is phony, and also that Harper’s past rhetoric about building “firewalls” against the federal government in Alberta is also phony.

Once Harper became Prime Minister, he had no problem in bribing the governments of B.C. and Ontario with some of their own money as an inducement to adopt the federally concocted and administered HST, making those provinces more integrated with, and dependent upon, the federal government.

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