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Tom J. “UsuryFree” Kennedy was on the Power Hour with Joyce Riley on July 8, 2014 in an interview I helped to arrange.

He spoke about his experience in founding usury-free community currencies, and why they are an essential component to a sound monetary system (starting 8 minutes in).

For more on Tom J. Kennedy, see:

1) Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb: Episode 54: Interview with Tom J. Kennedy

2) To blow off ritualistic steam, watch Gerald Celente. For real solutions, watch Wayne Walton and Tom J. Kennedy.

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Josh TolleyI was a guest on the Josh Tolley Show on January 28, 2014, and I talked about economic freedom and the an entrepreneurial economy vs. an employment economy (from 14 mins. to 37), especially vis-a-vis Canada and the U.S., and how Canada has increased its freedom relative to the U.S. for five straight years according to the Heritage Foundation.

I said how I had watched other State of the Union addresses but wouldn’t be watching this one.

Then, I talked about usury-free community currencies like those by Wayne Walton of Colorado and Tom J. Kennedy of Ottawa, Canada.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear a caller call in during the start of the second hour and said that he had heard me on another network (Oracle Broadcasting) and he really appreciated the point I had made about the educational system.

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Gerald CelenteTo my surprise, just three days after my article, Why is Gerald Celente Avoiding Dr. Stan Monteith’s Show?, Gerald Celente made a brief appearance (22 minutes) on the show, on January 6, 2014.

In my article, I had pointed out that Dr. Stan had tried getting him on at least half a dozen times since 2009, all to no avail.

I asked whether it was because Celente is purportedly anti-Zionist, or because he realized that Dr. Stan’s audience is more cerebral and discerning, or whether it was something else, because, clearly, he wasn’t interested in coming on, and had cancelled at the last minute in December.

Now, it seems, we have our answer. It appears, on the surface, at least, to be primarily, if not exclusively, related to him thinking he’s got better things to do now that he’s so popular in the alternative media.

This despite Dr. Stan’s show having nearly 70 terrestrial radio affiliates over the course of each week. Celente tipped his hat during the interview that he had recently appeared on Russian TV.

True to his carnival barking self, he was in full form 19 minutes into the interview, if you’re up for a little bit of pure entertainment, lacking any meaningful results.

For more on Gerald Celente, see my article, To blow off ritualistic steam, watch Gerald Celente. For real solutions, watch Wayne Walton and Tom J. Kennedy.

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Lew RockwellFrom his December 31, 2013 article, “‘Rockwell, You’re No Grover Cleveland’“, Lew Rockwell says:

LRC could use your help, too, of course. We want to be more effective in 2014 for freedom. If you can help, you’ll not only do good, you’ll bother the bad guys. Let’s give them a hotfoot!

Your gift of $100, $50, or $25 would be great. $500, $1,000, or any amount would be magnificent.

The relentless and well-funded attack of our enemies took its toll this year, but we never fell, never stumbled, and are ready to counterattack in 2014.

We are determined, with your help, to work harder to be worthy of our ideas. We have the truth on our side, after all, and Murray Rothbard asked us to carry on his work. How can we falter?

With you, we can’t.

For more on why I won’t be donating to LRC or the Mises Institute, see my articles:

10 questions for Lew Rockwell and Austrian economics is big business: The Mises Institute’s $22 million war chest.

For true monetary reform and economic justice, consider donating to George Whitehurst-Berry, Wayne Walton, Tom J. Kennedy and Anthony Migchels.

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My nominee for the 2013 Winged Lion Awards is George Whitehurst-Berry, and he had the show Crash! Are You Ready? on the largest alternative network, GCN, from 2007 until 2012, and he’s now broadcasting on the same network as I am, with the shows the Financial News Network and Sedona Dreams.

He had the second highest online listenership of nearly 40 shows on the network, starting in 2008, and he was the one who inspired Wayne Walton into his activism, from listening to his shows about successful government-issued currencies and how the banksters intentionally sabotaged them, reading from books he collected that were written in the 1800s and early 1900s, that couldn’t easily be found at the time.

He also brought to light the little known fact about the Bank of Venice, whose paper documents always circulated at at least a 20% premium above gold, and even went up to 40% above gold, until they were regulated to be less than that value. It also never had any major panics, and contrary to G. Edward Griffin’s false claim about it failing, it only terminated due to an external invasion by Napoleon.

He also gave me the chance to appear as a guest several times, and guest host many times, and provided me with my first radio appearance ever, back on October 1, 2008.

The Winged Lion Awards will be awarded during this year’s 9th annual UsuryFree week from November 13 to 18.

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Republic BroadcastingWayne Walton, founder of the local, interest-free currency, mtnHours, disclosed during his November 18, 2012 interview on Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb, that his show, mtnHours Revolution!, had been cancelled, due to Studio B on Republic Broadcasting being entirely shut down.

While Republic Broadcasting sought $40,000 in donations and charges many of its hosts to be on the air, Oracle Broadcasting delivers cutting-edge, uncensored talk radio with monthly operating expenses of just over $1000 a month, being the most efficient alternative radio broadcasting platform I’m aware of, given its reach.

Previously, I appeared on Wayne’s show on August 21, 2012.

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Wayne WaltonOn the November 18, 2012 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb, I interviewed Wayne Walton of mtnHours.com, the local, interest-free currency solution.

Wayne described how he awoke to the fraudulent debt and interest-based monetary system in 2008 and instead of complaining, he created his own local, interest-free currency, Mountain Hours.

He described his currency system in detail, including the time-based nature of the currency, in that one Mountain Hour is equivalent to 10 Federal Reserve Notes, and represents one hour of unskilled labour, yet is interest-free, and isn’t borrowed into circulation. Over 80 businesses are currently using his currency, and many other localities have adopted their own currency this year, patterned after Mountain Hours.

We discussed the concept of a Debt Jubilee, where county sheriffs can be paid with local currency, and therefore, they will be accountable to the local citizenry, instead of being beholden to a private banking cartel.

He described how Ron Paul supporters who felt duped with the 2012 election are increasingly supporting local, interest-free currencies.

We talked about how his local currency is true constitutional money, and how we don’t have to rely on another election or on the so-called state secession movement, with some false solution of a government-guaranteed or non-existent free market gold standard, but we can issue local currency directly, interest-free, now.

In the second hour, I covered the following articles:

1) Canadians recognize the importance of private property rights
2) Joe Rogan interviews Dr. Peter Duesberg on the AIDS scam
3) Coast to Coast AM more Jewish Zionist than Christian Zionist
4) It’s official: The Daily Bell lied about their website numbers

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