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Ellen BrownListeners can enjoy Ellen Brown’s regular appearances on Crisis of Reality on Oracle Broadcasting with Doug Newberry.

Since the show’s inception in August of 2012, Ellen has been on seven times:

March 12 – Wealth inequality

February 25 – The economic crisis

January 22 – The trillion dollar coin

December 20 – Public banking

December 19 – Financial slavery

September 26 – Public banking

September 6

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“We are the 99 percent” is a false frame for several reasons, including that there is nothing inherently wrong with being in the top one percent of wealth holders.

This becomes obvious with the simple example of 100 individuals, ranging in assets from $1 to $100 each, incrementing by one dollar in each case, from person 1 to person 100.

It is also a false frame because there is no distinction between those in the top one percent who acquired their wealth legally and without special government privileges, and those who didn’t.

It also doesn’t distinguish between those in the 99 percent who acquired their wealth legally and without special government privileges, and those who didn’t.

There is no consideration given to those in the one percent who give much in charity, whether publicly or privately, than those who give hardly any, or just enough to meet their social expectations.

For me, the valid frame is, “we are those who uphold each other’s rights.”

However, you won’t be hearing that frame anytime soon, and not because it’s not as catchy as the “we are the 99 percent,” but because it doesn’t serve the agenda of those who seek to divide us in order to conquer us.

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Silver guru David Morgan said on the January 7, 2012 episode of The Keiser Report on RT (at 22:30):

If you go into the, we’re going into a huge deflationary mode, silver is a self-correcting situation, cause 70% is base metal mining.

This is why, despite detractors pointing to silver as primarily an industrial metal, its value is self-correcting when industrial production drops, if investors are looking for a safe-haven for their wealth.

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A 250kg gold bar in the Toi gold mine

On the January 29, 2011 episode of The Secret Truth, The International Forecaster, Bob Chapman, said at 28:02:

All these people wanna avoid using gold and silver [for backing the currency]. The excuse is, that, the elitists own 20, 25, 30 percent of all the gold in the world, and my answer is, “so what?”

The so what is that the interests that control over 20 percent of the world’s gold supply would be wealthy simply based on the gold they currently possess, regardless of how lawfully they obtained it.

The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires “just compensation” for the taking of private property for public use.

This would effectively result in a public transfer of gold, held in places like Fort Knox, from the U.S. government to the banks, which would likely demand payment in gold for their gold, instead of paper or computer receipts.

Clearly, such an option wouldn’t be feasible, since it would cost the U.S. government more gold than they’d get back, and as a result, the more than 20 percent of the world’s gold supply would continue to stay where it is.

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