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An example of warmongering propaganda against Assad.

While enjoying my Tim Horton’s coffee this morning, I was appalled to see a cartoon in the newspaper depicting Syria’s Assad standing on dead corpses.

I’m sick of the Western mass media warmongering propaganda against Syria’s Assad, and I utterly reject any association with those in Canada who will support, actively or passively, any subsequent military action against Syria.

I’m no friend of Assad; I once heard a Coast to Coast AM guest say how safe it was in Syria, because of the degree of totalitarian police state control exercised by the Assad regime, and the Heritage Foundation ranked Syria as only having the 139th most free economy out of 179 countries in 2012.

However, the Libyan bombing was a wakeup call for me in seeing how the Western mass media conspired with those seeking a clash of civilizations with the Muslim world to propagandize residents of the West into passively accepting their false flag in the name of protecting civilians, while unwittingly supporting the designs of a Greater Israel.

The courageous Jewish, anti-Zionist patriot Stephen Lendman refers to them as the “scoundrel media,” and I fully concur with him.

Scoundrel media, I categorically and utterly reject your naked and shameless warmongering through your cartoons, your unproven and improbable allegations of Assad’s forces killing children, and your childish tabloid coverage of Assad’s wife’s alleged emails showing more concern for shopping than for the plight of the Syrian people.

Where were you before and after 1996 when 500,000 Iraqi children had already been killed and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said she believed the price of sanctions against Iraq was worth it?

And where, oh corporate whore Western mass media, have you been all this time that Nobel Peace Prize winner President Barack Obama has been presiding over the hundreds of civilian deaths in Pakistan at the hands of drone attacks he continues to authorize?

Previously, I wrote the article, Canada’s appalling participation in the bombing of Libya, and specifically took exception with the late Jack Layton’s support for the mission, despite being the leader of the so-called Opposition and an alleged supporter of human rights, showing that he was either misinformed or a political opportunist, as I have documented previously.

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