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Pengrowth Energy Trust (NYSE: PGH) shows a monthly dividend of $0.066 USD per unit on May 27, 2010.

Their May 20 press release, linked to from Yahoo Finance, states that the dividend declared on May 27 will be paid on June 15. Therefore, if you want to find out the date the declared dividend will be paid, you have to look at the press releases or elsewhere.

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In yesterday’s article, I examined the nearly 100% drop in Accenture stock on May 6, 2010.

Yahoo Finance shows a low of $17.74 per share for Accenture stock on May 6, 2010, whereas Google Finance shows a low of $0.00 per share.

Then, Business Week says the stock went to a low of a penny per share, yet those trades were later rejected.

Three sources, three separate accounts. Which to rely on? Don’t rely on a single source without understanding its methodology, that’s for sure. $17.74 may have been the lowest price of the successfully traded share(s), a penny was the lowest price of ┬árejected trades, and $0.00 a share is what they’re worth if you round down. Understanding the methodology is key. Unfortunately, neither Yahoo or Google gives their methodology for coming up with either of their numbers.

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I saw a ridiculous headline on Yahoo Finance this morning from the Associated Press, linking cause and effect of the swine flu to the less than 1% decline in the Dow Jones at the time, from Friday’s closing price.

No, it couldn’t have been due to any profit taking after a run-up of the Dow for the past seven weeks. It had to be fears of swine flu! Despite the closing price varying by 1% or more on other days during that period.

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