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Karen SelickKaren Selick, Litigation Director for the pro-individual freedom Canadian Constitution Foundation, is scheduled to be on Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb on June 2, 2013 at 8 PM Eastern on Truth Frequency Radio.

The focus will be on their two recent cases:

1. Bruce Montague (Civil Forfeiture)
2. Elizabeth Bernard (Anti-Union)

Also, be sure to check out their YouTube channel, as I have.

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English: Denis Rancourt, Professor of Physics,...

On the March 3, 2013 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism, I interviewed former University of Ottawa physics professor, Dr. Denis Rancourt, and covered the following issues, among others:

Hour 1: Canada to put the word defence in defence spending and Dick Cheney mistakenly thinks the 2nd Amendment granted rights. Hour 2: Interview with persecuted former university physics professor, Denis Rancourt.

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With Alan Dershowitz in the news for being the controlled opposition retort to the staged Alex Jones appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, let’s flash back to how Dr. Norman Finkelstein handled Alan Dershowitz in this 2003 debate on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman.

Norman Finkelstein shows us how to debate — not like Alex Jones, who played his part in acting like a crazy nut, instead of making gun-grabbers like Dershowitz appear as the dishonest phonies they are.

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On October 12, 2012, Alex Jones had Lindsey Williams on the show, and had his crew disable comments on the YouTube clip for the appearance due to past bogus predictions.

A check of the other YouTube videos around the same time show no comments being disabled.

What is Alex and Lindsey Williams so afraid of listeners and viewers commenting on?

Here’s a big prediction that failed, as I wrote about in my May 2, 2011 article, Lindsey Williams’ 2010 oil price prediction tanked.

He was also wrong about the BP Gulf Oil disaster being a catastrophe of biblical proportions in claiming that there was a big fissure that could rupture, and he will prove to be wrong — along with all the other Doomsday preachers — about a catastrophe around the end of 2012, coinciding with the end of the Mayan calendar, in claiming that the U.S. dollar would be dead within two weeks after the Euro allegedly collapses by the end of this year.

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Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

In 1985 Madonna famously said, “we are living in a material world,” but in 2012, we are living in a video world.

You will notice that whenever you do a Google search for something that has prominent videos on the Web, Google will put several videos on its first page of hits, often near the top.

Given that most people don’t go past the first page of search results, this shows that a primary Search Engine Optimization strategy should be to provide links to videos, especially YouTube clips, with the relevant search tags.

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Radio host and documentary film maker Alex Jones

One of the common tactics of those who don’t want to debate an issue on its merits is to shift the focus to the motives of the person discussing issues.

One of the common tactics of fans of alternative media personalities is to suggest that those who raise any issues about them — especially their words and actions — is to say the person raising those issues are jealous of that person’s success.

Lee Rogers of Oracle Broadcasting has been at the forefront of the alternative media in pointing out the tactics and fallacies engaged in by the many so-called alternative media fans who apply a double standard toward alternative media personalities they admire.

One reader to this site asked if I was jealous of Alex Jones’ success, simply for posting an article with a YouTube clip of Alex Jones’ own words in saying he didn’t want to promote mass hatred of Jews in response to a caller simply and calmly reading out a list of Jewish names, only to say on another show with absolute fury in his voice, the blanket statement that: “The Mexicans want to destroy America.”

By the logic of these critics, Alex Jones must be jealous of the success of Barack Obama, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and others, because they have become more successful than him.

The real alternative media is waking up to these tactics, and to the actions and words of several prominent alternative media personalities being incongruent, like those of George Noory, who acts so affable and pretends to be a promoter of open discussion on many issues, yet is provably gatekeeping the HIV/AIDS scam.

George Whitehurst-Berry, formerly of GCN, who broadcasted an hour before Alex Jones, and had the second-highest-rated show among online listeners, paid the price for opposing the germ theory of disease which was so ridiculously promoted with this April 24, 2012 article, claiming that GMO corn *may* be spreading the “AIDS virus,” simply because it *may* contain a protein associated with HIV. By that logic, carbon monoxide is the same as carbon dioxide, since they are similar, and I could safely breathe carbon monoxide.

Nevermind that George Whitehurst-Berry has conducted 32 interviews that aired before Alex Jones’ show, thoroughly shattering the AIDS scam to bits. That doesn’t matter, since promoting fear about an unproven virus generates more clicks for greater advertising revenue.

People are starting to wake up and demand that the “alternative” media be alternative.

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